Wanda Aluminium Enters the Henan 100 Top Private Enterprises in 2019


On the afternoon of September 3rd, at the press conference of the top 100 private enterprises in Henan province, the list of the top 100 private enterprises is officially released. At the same time of entering the top 100 enterprises, we list in the top 30 private enterprises manufacturing industry.

Top 100 private enterprises in Henan province is formed on the basis of provincial federation’s investigation and research to private enterprises above designated size, since 2013 it has been seven years in a row to release to the public, to a certain extent, shows the development of private enterprises in Henan province, and through the mastery of the continuity and persuasive scale private enterprises operating data, support the development of private economy for the party and the government policy, provides the reliable basis to guide the healthy development of private economy.

Our company ranks the 38th in the list of private enterprises and the 24th in the manufacturing industry of private enterprises.

This time, our company has been selected for many years, which shows the good development momentum of our company, the accelerated pace of transformation and upgrading, and the further improvement of our comprehensive strength.

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